Friday, February 13, 2015

Found Art Friday 169

Dear Ones,
Have you ever found yourself feeling sorry for a fire hydrant?

Fort Ord yet elegant remains

by the college of law
Here you want to breathe and drain the wound.  To allow this ultimate plumbing fixture to be able to be stately again.  Admiring of foundry work, hydrants have always seemed to us such worthy sculptures.   Colorful sturdy reminders of a caring civic infrastructure.  Those things you want to trust about us.
 Memory FLASH from bicycle ride across the united states of america in 1984 - we saw glorious fun like this and now, decades later, understand the flip side.

Our kind of internet search poetry
Oh yes, and we wanted to say this ...  Hope you are in it - somewhere- toes in mud

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  1. This would be the first time I've felt sorry for a fire hydrant, and dang I did feel sorry for that first hydrant the second I viewed it! Should've had my toes in the mud today! Thanks Mel.

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