Friday, February 20, 2015

Found Art Friday 170

Dear Ones,
Behold - this is the art for today:
Previously posted 4' 8" tall man with pine cone (phone) in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park
Happily, our research correspondent in the Bay Area has informed us that this man was John McLaren, who was Superintendent of the park for more than 50 years and didn't like "stookies" (statues)!  Oddly, now his stance, and rapport with object in hand, have whole other connotations.

Since we are obsessed with wonderment about humans and their tools, we are today sharing some art adventures from years gone by that very few people ever have seen.  This required some sifting through the internetia of of our own miniature historia:

Cell Phone - from 2001 "Paratools" way before she became The Art Ranger
Bread Slippers - Warm Ciabatta

Boing ---  Flip back to the present:  Phone Henge - "Icebreaker" sculpture made by students.

And "Messages in a Bottle" inspired by Derli Romero
 WELL TODAY wasn't so much "found art" as it was deliberate, prescribed, assigned, or hoped for.
Shall you?

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