Friday, February 27, 2015

Found Art Friday 171

It happens sometimes, Art Ranger lets herself get carried away (obsessed) by the darndest thing, which in this case was Lady Gaga singing last Sunday at the Oscars a medley from the Sound of Music.  First of all, there was the surreal juxtaposition of a tatted up Lady G lilting the songs of our most wholesome of non nuns, Maria  " The hills are alive ......  la la la.... ........ Edelweiss ... Edelweiss  .... small and white  ......  clean and bright   ...   ..."  It was none of that and yet she pulled it off.

Then there was the prominent trumpet on arm thing that we couldn't stop looking at - why that there?  Why has Gaga armed herself with a muted trumpet?  Well, we find out that she needed to have Tony Bennett's drawing of Miles Davis' trumpet etched permanently on her armature as part of her "Cheek to Cheek" experience.

Yah that's right - Tony Bennett's pretty bad drawing of Miles Davis' trumpet is now inked on Gaga's arm
That is so meta, so loopy .....  just a more graphic than usual example of artists feeding off of one another for inspiration.

Showing off the Tat  -  so rather limply yet in a very orchestrated blue velvet way

Or is it a nod to this?
Johannes Vermeer 1655 - and that is not a pearl ear ring
Though here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration we have never sought out Gaga's music, we do enjoy taking note of the highly calculated visuals of this artist's artistic personae and wonder what mashup of past present and future she will bring forth next.

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